Fishing Vessel Activities

Sunlight Maritime Fleet of fishing vessels trawling in Mozambique Channel, South East Africa, operating by experienced crew, are in business of the production of natural seafood products. Trawlers, 51 and 34 meters, are fully equipped for fishing at different depths, for shallow and deep water prawns, lobsters, different types of fish.

Sunlight Maritime Fleet of fishing vessels producing exclusively wild catch, fresh frozen on board at sea. All products are EU/HACCP approved, with very strict regulations of quality control.

Sunlight Maritime Fleet catching all variety of products in the best fishing grounds of the area, well known for their juicy meat and exquisite taste. Immediately after taking the nets from the water, the products are classified for size, packaged and frozen, all at sea on the board of the vessel, using the most advanced technology to ensure peak freshness and the uttermost quality.