Shipping Repairs

Sunlight Maritime Repair is successfully providing Ship repair services to Fishing vessels of all types.

Sunlight Maritime Repair is working together with one of the oldest and most productive ship repair companies in Durban - Dormac, which successfully and professionally providing repair service for over 100 years.

Sunlight Maritime Repair through its highly qualified staff offers the following technical Management services for fishing vessels:

- Supply of spares, provisions and consumables required for vessel operation
- Organization and inspection of regular dry-docking
- Preparation of scheduled preventive maintenance and inventory
- Co-ordination and monitoring of classification society inspections

Sunlight Maritime Repair has years of experience, working with stable sub-contractors on a very competitive prices, providing possibility not only for maintain and supply, but for manufacture almost any necessary spare part to your specification, fix or repair any equipment, in a short period of time.

We provide vessel provision supply at very competitive prices as well as bunkering wile your vessel is in repairs - therefore you save your time and money.